25 Reasons to Love Scotland

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These are very funny but some have bad language.

Do not read if you offend easily!! 🙂

There are 25 reasons to love Scotland:

1. The Architecture

2. The way the motorists handle wheel clampers in Glasgow……………….

2. The way the motorists handle wheel clampers in Glasgow

3. The way they cope with neighbours in Edinburgh

…also in Edinburgh – how a local responded to health and safety inspectors when they closed the local chip shop after a mice infestation

4. The escapism

5. The Hair Dressers

6. The Politics    ..and the Protestors.

Can we just have a moment for the Scottish GENIUS who dared to apply balloon static to Donald Trump’s hairpiece

7. The Roadside Weather Reports

8. The Public Transport

9. The Highway Code

10. The Romance

11. The Local Papers

12. The way they deal with terrorists

13. The Sign Makers 

14. The Pets

15. The soft drinks

16. The Emergency Services

17. The Weather

18. The knitwear

19. The warm welcome

20. The way they deal with blocked drains

21. The amazing mathematics 

22. The Gadgets

23. The Newspaper Columnists

24. The Celebrities

25. The rail replacement service









Author: stevecurtis2012

I love the best in people and I enjoy a good story or joke. In our leisure time some serious stuff is important too so that it can be mixed in with the funnies otherwise our smile becomes too fixed. A real smile, a real laugh is the best tonic for our living times

One thought on “25 Reasons to Love Scotland

  1. Also, a moment in honor of the person helping hold up the balloon-genius’ arm. 🙂

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